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Top Five Reasons You Should Take Your Family On a Camping Trip This Year

Written by admin. Posted in Louisiana camping, Rv park louisiana, Rv parks louisiana

Best camping sites

Some of the best camping sites in the country are also some of the most affordable vacation spots in the country. Have you ever thought about taking your family camping instead of going on a more expensive theme park vacation? Here are a few of the most important reasons that you should whether you decide to look for cabins in Louisiana, campgrounds Louisiana, or you are more interested in finding the most cool campsites in the country.

1. If you have never gone camping then you might not realize that there is a style of camping to suit every family. Cabin camping, tent camping, yurt camping, and many more exciting camping experiences are waiting for you if you just pack up the car and go on an adventure.

2. The popularity of camping is increasing with every passing year. An astounding three million more Americans went camping in 2012 than they did in 2010. Part of this increase might be due to the general cheap nature that camping has the ability to provide.

3. Far and away, favorite food to cook while camping in the United States is smores. The delicious treat is followed by hot dogs and then tinfoil packet dinners.

4. If you are camping for the first time, even if it is in cabins in Louisiana, make sure that you clean your campsite before leaving. Make it as clean as you would want it if you were arriving that day. The next camper will appreciate it and you want to make sure that you are doing your best to make a good impression on the campgrounds in case you plan on returning next year.

5. Another tip for the first time camper is to make sure that you use biodegradable soaps when camping. The reason for this is to prevent contaminating water sources in your camp ground. Read more.

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Comments (2)

  • Tyler Jones


    my dad always used to say that he never took us camping as kids because of the fact that he loved us. i have to agree with him because you know that there are like bugs and stuff out there in nature?


  • Troy Bailey


    yeah, i think that every on knows that there are bugs and stuff in nature but when you are having a good time out in nature, you dont notice them and they are not a really big deal


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