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Archive for September 18, 2013

Crafting the Smile of Your Dreams

Written by admin. Posted in Cost of cosmetic dentistry, Mini dental implants reviews, Oakmont family dentists

Dental tooth implants

There aren’t many things that virtually all Americans agree on, but there is one thing that 99.7% have confirmed: a smile is an important social asset. Smiles as much a part of our personalities as anything else, yet we often neglect to give them the care and attention they deserve.

Throughout history, some emphasis has been placed on dental care. Early Greeks and Romans cleaned them with crushed bone and oyster shells, through better technology was developed over the years. In 1938, toothbrushes were fitted with nylon bristles, and soon after that the first electric toothbrush came on the scene. In general, Americans are cautions about dental hygiene. We use mouth rinses, floss our teeth, use our toothbrushes, and visit our dentists for check ups. Still, there is more we can do to make sure our smiles