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Archive for September 24, 2013

Use Metal Garages to Protect Boats and Cars

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Metal garages

What are metal garages and how can you use them? If you are a boating or RV enthusiast, you may want metal garages to help protect your investments. About 7 percent of Americans now own at least one recreational vehicle and most of these people want to protect them while not in uses. The retail sales of boats, accessories, and marine services have seen a 6 percent increase in 2011 to $32.3 billion. This, again proves, that using metal garages or other garage buildings should protect the investment in marine craft. Another reason is to consider is that UV damage is a threat to boats. And since most recreational boating takes place in sunny climates, it is essential to keep

Three Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

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Michigan bankruptcy

Did you know that in 450 BC, Roman law gave creditors the right to either kill or enslave their debtors? Today, however, bankruptcy is a way for borrowers to get out of debt. Although bankruptcy can sometimes harm your credit score, it is an effective way to partially or completely eliminate your debt. But why file for bankruptcy? There are many benefits of filing for bankruptcy, as it is a viable solution to get out of debt.

1. Bankruptcy eliminates your debt. This is one of the top reasons people file for bankruptcy. Depending on which chapter you file for, the bankruptcy will either partially or fully wipe away your debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example, will liquidate your assets for complete financial relief, while filing Continue Reading No Comments