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Archive for October 28, 2013

Top Facts You Need to Know Before Making Your Own Salsa

Written by admin. Posted in Recipes with salsa, Salsa recipes, Southwestern salsa

Mild salsa

If you have been to a house party in the past few decades, then you are probably well aware of the proliferation of classic mild salsa dip. If you are looking for recipes using salsa, southwestern salsa recipes, pico de gallo salsa dips, or salsa nutrition, here are a few facts you should know about the hugely popular dip.

The word salsa entered the English language from the Spanish word salsa for sauce. This in turn was originally derived from the Latin salsa or salty, and from sal or salt. Mexican salsas were traditionally produced using the mortar and pestle like molcajete, although blenders are now more commonly used. The Mayans made salsa also, using a mortar and pestle.

Most jarred, canned, and bottled salsa and pican