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Archive for October 29, 2013

Top Five Facts You Need to Know ABout Workers Comp For Those Who Work on the Sea

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Jones act law

Did you know that the laws that protect workers who have been injured on land are different but similar to the ones that protect those who work on the sea? In fact, the Longshore Compensation Act handles 27,000 cases annually of maritime workers and various other special classes of private industry employees who have been disabled or killed by employment injuries or occupational diseases while on the job. Here are a few facts about the ways that workers compensation and expatriate compensation differs for those who work on the sea rather than land and what you need to do if you have to hire a Defense Base Act attorney.

1. The Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act of 1920 is a law designed to create a similar protection which is provided by workers compensation. Longshore and harbor workers compensation act

Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers Offering Legal Assistance in the Columbus, OH Area

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Drunk driving defense

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle, there are numerous responsibilities that a driver must take on. Though many in the modern world consider driving a vehicle to be an established right, it is very much still a luxury and a privilege. With access to that luxury and privilege, a driver must take on the responsibility of ensuring safety at all times. Not only is their own personal safety in their hands when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but the safety of their passengers and all other drivers on the road is also at stake. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of individuals operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol in the United States today. Not only are the consequences of drunk driving severe in terms of