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A Fun and Quick Look at Modern Toilets

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Pressure assisted toilets

I would imagine most of us never really give much thought to the modern toilet. However, I am also pretty sure that we are happy that the days of outhouses and chamber pots are gone. Yup, gone are the holes in the ground or the toilet that was poised precariously over a stream or river, or even just the street below. Talk about some unsanitary conditions.

So where does the word toilet come from? Well it comes from a French term that translates to the personal grooming and hygiene of an individual. The phrase “to attend to the toilet” actually means to make sure that you are clean. This includes washing, shaving and so on. Hence, the term toiletries. The modern toilet takes its name from that French term.

Modern toilets as we generally know them today arrived on the scene in the 1800s, the second

Contemporary Toilets Can Look Nice In Any Home

Written by admin. Posted in Pressure assisted toilets, Toilet, Water saving toilets

Walk in bathtub

If you recently purchased a house and the toilets are all outdated, you should upgrade to more water efficient contemporary toilets. Today’s toilets use a lot less energy and also work better. When you work with a seller of toilets you will be able to get the right toilet for your home. There are many types of contemporary toilets that can match any decor so that you can find one that works well for your home, and matches your bathroom’s style. When looking for new toilets for your home, finding a seller of contemporary toilets will allow you to have one that blends in perfectly. Professionals will be able to work with you to determine what type of toilet is the right option for your home so that you can do something more productive to save money on your water bills.