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Archive for February 14, 2013

When to Head to Urgent Care versus The ER

Written by admin. Posted in 24 hour urgent care scottsdale, North phoenix medical clinic, Urgent care in phoenix

Urgent care scottsdale

Urgent care centers provide medical service for conditions that are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, but which require rapid attention. If you are in Arizona and deciding whether or not to visit a 24 hour urgent care Scottsdale center, or urgent care in phoenix, keep a few things in mind when making your decision.

Since 24 hour urgent care Scottsdale centers are intended to ease the burden on emergency rooms by treating non life threatening injuries and illnesses, if you can skip the emergency room and instead head to an urgent care location, you can help to prevent ER over crowding. There are several benefits to heading to an urgent care center.

First, for people without health insurance, urgent care centers’ costs are relatively low in comparison to paying out of pocket at a physician’s office or ER. The typical emergency department visit costs an average of $1,500; while treatment at an urgent care center costs, on average, under $150. If you are leery about visiting an urgent care center, almost two thirds of centers employ a mix of physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, and 65 percent of centers have at least one physician on site at all times, so you are in good hands.

Reasons for visiting a 24 hour urgent care Scottsdale center or walk in clinic phoenix clinic are cuts, concussions, broken bones, minor burns, sprains, and cold and flu symptoms, among many others. If you are unsure if you should visit a phoenix urgent care, or walk in clinic Scottsdale location, call ahead. You are not only saving yourself time and money,but ER space as well.
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The Benefits of a Custom LCD Screen

Written by admin. Posted in Character display lcd, Color lcd displays, Liquid crystal display

Color lcd displays

If you are deciding between a standard or a custom LCD screen, there are several great advantages to heading down the LCD route that may help you to make a decision on whether or not a custom lcd screen is right for you.

First, LCD custom displays have extremely high resolutions, and can easily reach HD level resolutions in all but the smallest size screens. Of course,custom color lcd along with high resolution comes superior picture quality.

The newest and most expensive LCDs use an LED instead of a traditional bulb for their light source. These LEDs produce a higher quality picture because the LED itself emits a more natural light than a bulb. Displays appear more life like and vivid, which is a great feature for movie and television watching.

Another great benefit of custom lcd displays that few people know about is how “green” they are for the environment. Compared to plasmas, LCD HDTVs use less electricity to run. You can probably expect to use about 30 percent less power for an LCD than for a similar sized plasma.

Finally, Most custom LCD panels and television displays can also work as a PC monitor, plugging directly into any PC with a standard PC video cable, which is great for businesses.

Custom LCD’s are a great options for both professional and personal usage. High quality, resolution, and less energy make LCD display custom pieces a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their television or PC monitors.