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Archive for June 26, 2013

Take Advantage of Straightening Procedures to Improve Your Smile

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Eau claire computer guided dental implant

Every year, Americans spend roughly $1.4 billion on products and procedures that help whiten their teeth. If someone does not have a smile they feel confident with, they might want to hide it, especially when meeting new people. However, if they get whitening procedures and work on straightening teeth, they could build a smile that they are not only happy with, but want to show off. Coupling whitening and straightening teeth can go a long way towards helping someone feel confident with their smile, and since most people say that a smile is an important social asset, seeing the best dentists and receiving procedures to do so can be quite beneficial.

Individuals of every age will be able to take advantage of the procedures that are used for straightening teeth. In some cases, teens wil

Janiga MDs in Reno Nevada

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Janiga MDs

500 Damonte Ranch Pkwy

Reno, Nevada 89521


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Drs. Timothy and Jennifer Janiga have been taking care of patients together for almost 15 years. As the only local husband and wife team for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Northern Nevada, Drs. Timothy and Jennifer Janiga take pride in being able to offer their patients the most comprehensive care in the state. Both Drs. believe in a “back to basics” approach to patient care and thrive on the variety that a medical and cosmetic practice brings.