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Archive for August 12, 2013

A Tow Truck Provides Essential Services

Written by admin. Posted in Tow truck, Towing, Towing anaheim

Tow truck

Quite a number of us find ourselves in need of the services provided by tow trucks. However, few of us may not know some of these interesting facts about tow trucks. A tow truck is also known as a recovery truck, a breakdown truck, or a wrecker. In the United Kingdom they are commonly known as a breakdown lorry. The design for the tow truck was first patented in 1916.

Tow trucks and their operators are a critical part of highway incident management. They are often involved in accident clean up, and their services help get roads and highways open again after an accident. Trucks providing this service are essential to keeping highways and freeways clear of debris. They are also an essential part of parking enforcement.