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Archive for August 17, 2013

Gone Fishing For Tuna!

Written by admin. Posted in Tuna fishing, Tuna fishing in the missisippi river, Types of tuna in the mississippi river

Tuna fishing in the missisippi river

For those that are getting ready for the fishing season and looking to go somewhere new, look no further! Venice, Louisiana is the top spot for fishing for tuna. Located just west of the Mississippi River, the tuna fishing charters are wide open.

Tuna fish are a saltwater fin fish whose size varies greatly and can live for up to 50 years. There are several methods used to catch tuna in the mississippi river. Fishers can perform tuna fishing by using a traditional pole and line, a harpoon gun, a fish aggregating device or longline fishing. Tuna is mostly known for being processed into canned tuna, but can be cooked and enjoyed other ways as well. Pan frying or in a sushi

Keep Yourself and Others Safe On The Job, Comply With Lockout Tagout Procedures

Written by admin. Posted in Confined space equipment, Lockout tagout, Osha confined space

Lock out tag out

OSHA lockout tagout is a procedure familiar to those that work in an industry setting with dangerous machinery. Lockout tagout prodedures are in place to protect workers from hazardous energy by controlling it.

Hazardous energy from machines or equipment includes pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, thermal, or electrical.

Injuries resulting from hazardous energy sources include fracturing of body parts, amputation of body parts, electrocution, burns, crushing of body parts, lacerations, and cutting. These injuries can be serious and sometimes even fatal.

Lock out tag out kits will include a scissor clamp, a tag, and some sort of locking device such as a padlock.

Lockout tagout locks the hazardous power source so that it can not be turned on without being unlocked. A tag is then put on the locking device