Marijuana Addictive Properties

The world is full of chemicals, herbs and other substances that are used for a number of reasons. Certain elements of the earth are used for medicine, while others are simply used for psychotropic experiences. Take marijuana for example. There is an ongoing debate over whether or not marijuana is addictive or not. The debate on whether or not marijuana addictive is a debate that’s been going on for years. This drug does contain some properties that may make marijuana addictive for one person and not for another person.

However, the same can be said about alcohol. Some people are simply more prone to get addicted to certain substances than others. Recent studies have shown marijuana addictive for people with preexisting issues like depression, anxiety, and certain mental problems. Furthermore, it is said marijuana addictive for people who’ve experienced abuse. All these facts about marijuana addictive properties heavily mimic what alcoholics go through. If a person can’t function without getting high from day to day on marijuan, then marijuana addictive for them. However, stating this fact may not even matter to those who are battling cancer and other illnesses this herb has been able to help.

In other words, the addiction is based on the person and not the herb. To understand this concept properly, a person must be willing to accept the fact there are conditions in which this herb can be used where it doesn’t cause an addiction. Furthermore, it’s important to question when marijuana addictive and when it isn’t. These issues are settled by understanding occasional use and sporadic use of this herb. Furthermore, dependence on a substance is often a result in the tolerance of the substance. One reason why this drug is not legal yet is because of all the variables pertaining to it.

There is no doubt marijuana addictive for people who abuse it. The reason being is the fact that overuse of this herb creates a build up in the body, increasing the person’s tolerance of the herb. Recent studies shows only a small percentage of frequent users develop the classic signs of addiction. Marijuana addictive when a person depends on it and when a person creates a habit of using it. There is no doubt that many people agree to this, but there is no doubt there are far more sporadic users than there are frequent users.

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