Best Skinny Jeans For Women Of Today

Womens designer jeans

It is quite possible you have been looking for the best skinny jeans for women in the stores. They have been consistently a part of the fashion trends, whether you prefer the best slim straight jeans or something as extreme as glitzy jeans. Originating from the French term given to Genoan sailors from Italy known to wear cotton twill trousers, the term “Jeans” is now in the common language of today and in the clothing industry. Even in the 1800s people wore jeans; there is actually an existing pair by Levi’s that are dated from 1879, actually the oldest known. These might not look like the womens designer jeans of today, but jeans have in fact been around a long time.

Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented the riveted jeans on May 20th, 1873, considered the date modern jeans were born. The best skinny jeans for women have arisen out of decades of market research and wear and tear. So many styles exist that the clothing shelves are filled with different varieties ready to be tried on. Clothing companies also go by averages. The average woman in the United States wears a size 12 jean, but it was not just a street garment even going back through the years. The U.S. Navy permitted Denim in 1901 because the wide legs made it easy to roll the pants up as they washed ship decks. Most people shopping for jeans think about looking good for their friends, or buy embellished jeans to accent their own style. When it comes to the best skinny jeans for women, there is quite a history leading up to today’s desire for them.

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