Fabric Displays Help Companies Expand At Trade Shows

Truss displays

The origin of the trade show is traced by some back to 13th century Frankfurt, where the Emperor Frederic II commissioned an agricultural fair to happen in the city. If you are trying to find fabric displays, hop up displays, a literature rack, or a mini table display, it is important that you find a good provider. Whether you need truss displays or any other type of fabric displays, ensure that you find a skilled source of trade show resources so that you can excel at these shows.

The biggest industry show is the CES, Consumer Electronics Expo, held in Las Vegas each year. In 2011 the CES had 2500 exhibitors and 120,000 attendees.. Make sure that you have the fabric displays necessary for your company to be successful if you want to get the most out of your attendance at a trade show. 75 percent of trade show attendees already know what sort of exhibitors they want to visit before they even step foot in the venue that the show is being held in.

Another great way to promote your trade show presence is online. Studies show that 77 percent of Fortune Globe 100 businesses used Twitter so that they could let people know about their appearance at trade shows and interact with attendees. Interactive technology is more than just a gimmick for trade shows, it is important for relevant content to attract visitors. Find a good display specialist and you can make sure your business is prominent at trade shows.
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