A Few Reasons You May Need iPhone Management Tools ASAP

Iphone security

Currently, mobile users who use their devices for business account for more than 30 percent of all mobile customers in the United States, a number which may be growing rapidly within the next few years. The need for iPhone management already exists in many workplaces which may not be aware of the security needs that a Byod policy can introduce, but the solution may be as simple as finding the right iphone security programs. In a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey taken from over 1,000 consumers, 20 percent responded that they will be using their new iPad for business purposes. The need for mobile device management in the workplace is very real for most companies, and iPhone management software is one option to consider that can address it.

Relying on the AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm, alone may not be enough. Although it is widely considered to be unbreakable, and has been in use since 2001, the AES does not cover many different angles of attack that iPhone management software may be able to. What happens when a device is physically stolen or lost, for example? Your encryption methods may not be adequate when it comes to the actual loss of a device, but with iPhone management software you may be able to track lost and stolen devices, remotely delete information, and change passwords to avoid information loss or theft. You can also rely on patch management utilities to ensure that the latest, most secure version of an operating system or software process is downloaded and installed onto corresponding mobile devices in the office.

There are nearly one billion smartphone users throughout the world, and your iPhone management needs to be able to keep up with the pace that this trend represents. Patch management software is just one example of how you can automate a process that can effect thousands of users on a single office network, but which can also mean better protection and faster reaction to threats from the internet. As mobile devices become more prevalent, iPhone management and resources like it become indispensable for offices that want to maintain their level of productivity without worrying about security risks and compromises. The utilities and security that iPhone management tools can introduce into your office can make a difference in how devices are used, the vulnerabilities of your network, and whether or not you are prepared for the future.

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