Staying Away from the Traditional, Flat-style Mattresses May Improve Your Quality of Sleep

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It’s time to face reality when looking for ways to get a good night sleep. Despite what most of us have always believed, a good night of sleep can be difficult to achieve on a traditional, flat mattress. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80 to 90 percent of the Americans suffer from back pain. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation states that chronic back pain is often associated with insomnia, the foundation also claims that a bed adjustable system may help to take pressure off of areas in the body that attribute to uncomfortable sleep. During the sleeping process, the sleeper often unconsciously changes positions to avoid the pain and tension caused by sleeping in uncomfortable ways. With traditional mattresses providing little, to no support for the natural S-curve in your back, the National Sleep Foundation may be on to something.

Bed adjustable systems allow you to tilt your legs or head just enough that you may be able to prevent edema complications without feeling stretched or contorted. Additionally, the typical adjustable mattress allows you to increase, or decrease the softness or firmness of the mattress, allowing the user to completely customize their mattress to their liking. The best rated adjustable beds promote a healthy posture, and custom level of comfort during sleep, completely erasing many of the discomforts and issues that inhibit deep, restful sleep can be avoided. Some adjustable beds even come with heat and massage options for the ultimate added features of comfort.

It is difficult for your body to maintain proper posture when sleeping on a flat surface, this is due to the increase of tension on the muscles and joints. Sleeping on a flat surface, like many traditional mattresses, greatly reduces the rest and recuperation that your muscles need to experience during a full night of sleep. An adjustable bed system allows you to receive proper, customized support to different areas of your body such as the beck and head, lower back, legs, knees, and your feet and ankles. Even with proper posture, sometimes utilizing additional pillows to promote better sleep, such as a memory foam pillows, may compliment the benefit that you will receive from sleeping in an adjustable bed system.

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