Use a Checklist to Get Organized and Alleviate the Stress of Moving


Every year, some 43 million Americans choose to pack up and move into a new home or apartment. While some might do so in order to pursue new career opportunities, others might just want to find a bigger space in the same town that gives their kids more room to grow. And, of people who move long distances, 35% say that they are moving to be closer to their family. But no matter how far you are moving, the process can be quite stressful, so using a home moving checklist is a good idea. A detailed long-distance or local moving checklist will give you a clear view of what needs to be completed to make sure your move is successful.

The first item on a good home moving checklist should be to declutter your house and get rid of unwanted items. Experts agree that this is a good idea because it can help you not only get organized easier, but avoid having to move with more items that you actually want or need. Moving with excessive items can add extra difficulty, and in turn stress, that can be easily avoided with that easy first step.

In addition, in order to save a bit of money, you should make sure that your utilities are properly managed. Moving is always expensive, no matter how far you are going, but paying extra on utility bills can be a mistake. By scheduling to have them turned off in your old home a day after you leave and turned on in the new place a day before you arrive, you will have all the lighting you need to keep track of items but not have to pay too much to keep them on.

The last thing you should do before actually packing items and going through the physical process is to invest in some helpful moving tools. Items like durable plastic containers are a much better alternative to cardboard boxes because they help make sure items don’t slide around or break during transit. And they are weatherproof if you have to move in the rain.

But no matter how many boxes, dollies, or other tools you use, getting help with the heavy lifting is always a good idea. So an important items on every home moving checklist is to simply take some time to find help. Some assistance could come from a professional moving company or strong friends who can be paid with just beer and pizza, getting help might be the most important part of the moving process.
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