What is a Wrap Dress? Simplicity, Beauty, Elegance

Wrap dress

There can be no doubt that American women love to follow style. Embracing fall booties, the throwback style of women’s capes, and the ever sophisticated black dress; it’s all part of the American woman’s style arsenal. One of the biggest trends all women should be following are wrap dresses.

Wrap dresses, according to Elle Magazine, are inspired by a classical Indian garb known as the sari. Saris are richly colored, beautifully patterned wraps that can be used as skirts, dresses, robes, and, on some occasions, head wraps. Bearing some resemblance to classic American floral print dresses, saris make great summer, party, and relaxation wear.

Knowing about wrap dresses and knowing how to wear them properly are two very different things. You could simply tie it to resemble a normal, knee-length skirt. Alternatively, you could tie it to be a full-body dress. Whatever your style and whatever your needs, here are three great ways to tie a wrap dress for simplicity, beauty, and elegance.

The Athenian
Tying your wrap dress in this manner will leave you with the elegant glow of Athena, daughter of Zeus and Greek goddess of intelligence. Simply secure the ties around your waste as you would a normal skirt. Next, pull the hanging dress straps up and around your neck, knotting them together in a halter-like fashion. That’s all it takes to look like a goddess from classical antiquity.

The Simple, Summery Skirt
If simple is more your thing, try simply wrapping your wrap dress around your waste and tying it just so it is snug enough to stay in place. Next, position the different parts of the skirt to get a simple, yet beautiful layered look. This one is great for a warm summer’s day or a cool fall picnic.

A Flowing, Cami-style Top
If you love to relax in your favorite pair of jeans and a colorful, comfortable top, try transforming your favorite wrap dress. Try placing the wrap dress behind you and bringing it under your arms, looping it in the front. Next, draw the ties up and over your shoulders, back under your arms, and tie it in the front. What you’re left with is a cami-style top that isn’t quite so tight but just as comfortable.

Whether you want to dress like your favorite celebs or you want to create your own style, try these three ways of wearing your favorite wrap dress. The Athenian will get you through a classy night on the town, with the summer skirt and cami options leaving you enough comfort for a relaxed day in or out with friends. Good refereneces.

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