EMR Software Is Ideal for Use in Hospitals

Electronic medical records software

According to Deloitte Healthcare, 92% of American doctors are in favor of using it, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that almost half of the hospitals and medical centers in the country that are not yet equipped with it will get it by the end of next year. What is it?

Electronic health record software, or EHR software–also known as electronic medical record software (the terms can be used interchangeably)–enables hospitals and other medical institutions to conveniently record and track the specific symptoms, medications, and additional issues that affect each patient. The result is that the appropriate treatment can then be administered more efficiently.

As an administrator, when looking for the best EMR software for your hospital, you may want the system that is most user-friendly for patients. With any EHR system, the goal should be to help serve the needs of the patient in a thorough yet expedited fashion. From something as simple as designating an appropriate room and bed for the patient who will be staying overnight in the hospital to consulting with the patient’s medical history to make sure that the right medication is prescribed, electronic medical records software can help to keep information safe and organized, thereby alleviating logistical complications.

The best EMR software has an added benefit of being cost-effective. According to a Deloitte healthcare survey, six percent of organizations that use EMR report an increase in profits as a result of using the software.

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