SEO Tips and Tricks Which Ones Work and Which Are Bogus?

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Search engine rankings are the number one predictor of retail success on the internet. 93 out of 100 web users start each online episode with a search engine, and retail and service providers suggest that 39 percent of customers patronizing their businesses arrive at company websites via a search engine. Brick and mortar retail shops are facing continually increasing competition from online retailers, and savvy consumers have smart phones and tablets at their fingertips to help them research products and services in order to get the best price and quality. Thus, you need to have high search engine rankings to succeed in this online retail environment, which is why knowing about cutting edge SEO tips is a must.

Getting top SEO tips from internet marketing experts is so important these days, and the best SEO resellers know it. Some marketing professionals will attempt to entice you to work with them based on their supposed failure proof SEO tips. These marketing professionals may present themselves as if they are experts when it comes to online marketing and SEO tips. Many of them, however, are recycling old SEO tips from years past. Not all private label SEO firms offering SEO tips are worth the money. Thus, it is necessary to do research into the background of any SEO reseller programs you might want to hire, even ones that do white label SEO. It is important to remember that not all SEO tips and SEO firms are created equal.

Some of the worst SEO tips have to do with search engine submission. Search engine submission is the process by which a webmaster submits her website sans deviation to search engines. Some marketers will tell you that search engine submission is the best way to publicize a website and send search engine rankings soaring. Although there may be specific instances when that is indeed true, for the most part, it is not the case. Major search engines like Google use a combination of crawlers, bots, and spiders that are capable of finding the vast majority of web sites online without search engine submission. On the other hand, there are a couple of tiny foreign search engines that work differently, and thus, for those search engines, submission is a good strategy. In America, however, SEP tips about the usefulness of search engine submission are bogus.

SEO tips involving content driven search engine optimization and tiered linking are the SEO tips that can help to make a difference in your search engine rankings. SEO and linking are major drivers for the Google algorithm. Thus, it is much more effective to focus on tiered linking and SE tips than on search engine submission as means of maximizing your marketing potential online. More research here:

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