What Happens if You Never Change the Bottom Sheet on Your Bed?

Changing the bed linens as weekend chores is no fun. Most of us push our beds into a corner on two walls. Crawling around trying to get the bottom sheet back on the bed is irritating.

Why wash bed linens at all? When all we do is lie on them, it’s not like they get dirty.

Bacteria, dirt, pollen, dust mites, and other microscopic things lie on our sheets, too. When we sweat at night, fungi appear.

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Those with asthma and allergies are irritated by dead skin cells, too. Not only are they lying on it, but they’re also inhaling these irritants.

So Washing Sheets Is Good?

Considering what’s sharing your bottom sheet with you, washing your sheets in hot water weekly is a good idea. Why? Because researchers have found that pneumonia and gonorrhea bacteria begin growing on our beds in seven days.

How Often Should You Wash Sheets?

Since we produce one full drinking glass full of sweat in one night, most people would opt for every day. That’s going to wear out the sheets, though. Once a week is good enough. Wash the sheets in hot water with a little white vinegar to get the soap residue out of the fabric.


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