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Archive for July 17, 2013

New Act New Hope for Maritime Workers

Written by admin. Posted in Defense base act lawyer, Jones act attorney, Jones act maritime law

Expatriate compensation

We’ve all been plagued by work concerns at one time another. When will there be enough time to finish my work? Where are the hours to do all this work? Perhaps the worst concern one can have revolves around work injuries. What will happen if I get injured? Many of us feel assured that we will receive compensation for our pains. Some occupations though feature such hazards that the fear of being injured at work is paralyzing. Harbor workers and longshoremen work unique jobs and now have federal protection to ensure their rights to compensation.

The Defense of Base Act (DBA)was put into action to protect maritime workers’ compensation. It draws from several laws before it, which were meant to ensure the rights of maritime workers. The first significant act regarding compensation for maritime claims was