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Archive for August, 2013

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Written by admin. Posted in Cpap alternative treatment, New albany sleep apnea, Sleep apnea dental device

Sleep apnea sleep apnea

If you feel fatigued during the day no matter how many hours of sleep you got the night before, you should consider having sleep apnea testing done. New albany sleep apnea is a chronic and longstanding health problem that disrupts breathing during sleep. Though people who have sleep apnea often do not realize it until many years after symptoms have presented, those suffering with it tend to develop even more debilitating illnesses such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, and strokes. Thus, if you think you may have sleep apnea, it is important to have sleep apnea testing done.

Sleep apnea is more common in obese and overweight individuals. Therefore, many doctors recommend routine testing for sleep a

5 Little Known Facts about Telephones

Written by admin. Posted in Austin phone systems, Business phones systems, Security cabling austin texas

Phone system austin

Telephones. They’re something we take for granted everyday. Many of us even loathe having to use small business phone systems at work, preferring instead to send a text message or email. But from full-fledged small business phone systems to the cell phones we carry in our pockets, phones are something with which we interact on a daily basis. Yet, many of us are ignorant of many of the facts concerning these little pieces of technology that can connect us with almost anybody in the world. Here are five things you (probably) never knew about telephones.

While one might think that something like business phones systems were the reason for the first phone numbers, the invention was actually spurred by an outbreak of the measles in Lowell, MA. Alexander Graham Bell’s friend, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker noticed a