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Archive for August 8, 2013

Finding Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Heating and air conditioner repair

The history of central heating systems date all the way back to ancient Roman times, when air was heated by furnaces and was conducted under the floors through the empty spaces and out of pipes in the walls. The system was known as a hypocaust. Then, air conditioning was embraced by movie theaters during the Depression because of the large crowd it brought in, despite the high cost. Heating and air conditioning systems have progressed tremendously since the ancient Roman times. Now a days, in much of the temperate climate zone, homes come with heating installed ever since the Second World War.

With the summer heat getting as hot as it can, and with the terrible cold temperatures winter can reach, having your air conditioner or heating furnace break down is the worst thing that can happen.

Three Reasons to Invest in a Photo Booth!

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Photo booth rentals san diego

Did you know that cameras were first invented on a summer day in 1827 when Joseph Nicephore Niepce made the first photographic image with a camera obscura. In 1888, Kodak was the first company to sell camera to the public? And our love for photography, both personal and professional, has been history ever since. In fact, the most expensive camera ever sold went for 2.8 million dollars at an auction in Vienna, which was a rare 1923 Leica camera.

Nowadays, we use camera for any kind of event. Even moon landings. We actually left 12 Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon to allow for the extra weight of lunar rocks to take back.

One of the best uses of a photography nowadays is the photo booth! Unconvinced? Here are three reasons to explain why you should look into photo booth sales.