Controlling Stormwater Pollution

Triton catch basin inserts

A University of California study states that catch filters removed 81.6 percent of lead and 54.3 percent of copper from the water that passed through. Products like these can be dangerous if they get into home systems and waterways and therefore practicing the proper techniques to control stormwater pollution is necessary. There is something known as ‘point source water pollution’ that consists of contaminants that get into a waterway by one identifiable source such as a ditch or pipe. On the other hand, ‘nonpoint source pollution’ is contamination that has no single specific source of origin. These concepts, along with many others are important to note to fully provide the stormwater pollution control that is necessary for a safe environment.

A drop inlet spillway lowers water through a pipe structure or box mechanically to drop low volumes of water over an incline of thirty percent. There are so many different types of stormwater drainage methods that are used for various situations that it is important to understand them all. In most cases, you will need high quality stormwater filters to hold back all the contaminants contained in the water passing through. More information on stormwater management and stormwater treatment can be easily found on the internet from multiple locations. Take the time to ensure you are using the top equipment and techniques to ensure stormwater pollution do not get into areas where it can kill wildlife or provide significant danger to human lives.

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