Interesting Facts You Dentist Des Moines Iowa Knows About

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Looking for a dentist Des Moines Iowa that does dental implants? Did you know they used titanium for the first time for dental implants in the 1950s? It seems some Swedish doctors and some Italian doctors at that time discovered that titanium could be grafted to bone. Thus began the first idea for dental implants. A dentist in Des Moines who does dental implants in Iowa is the type of dentist to go to and see what they can do for you if you want dental implants. There are several good dentists in Des Moines Iowa. Some of the dentists work in a Des moines dental center or belong to a Des moines dental group.

The first electric toothbrush was called a Broxodent. It first came on the scene on the American market in circa 1960. People who are afraid of going to the dentist are said to have Odontophobia. This is just a few of the fun facts you can learn from going to a dentist Des Moines Iowa. Some other interesting things your dentist Des Moines Iowa can tell you about is the fact that jaw pain may be a symptom of heart attack in women when they experience it along with chest pain. If you are having any kind of pain like this be sure you talk to your dentist about it or at least go to your medical doctor for a check up. You just never know.

Also, did you know that here in America we spend about $2 billion dollars every year on dental products. That just goes to show you how much we value our teeth and prefer to take care of them the best we can. Having regular dental check ups with your dentist des moines iowa is the best way to maintain your most beautiful smile.

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