Urgent Care Facilities Relieve Emergency Room Crowding

Urgent care englewood

Urgent care is a $14 billion industry, with more patients preferring them to overcrowded emergency rooms. Despite the size, urgent care Englewood CO facilities could grow further. As emergency rooms are still cluttered with patients with non severe injuries, more urgent care facilities need to take these patients, and treat them for less. Lawmakers would be wise to regulate these facilities with a light touch, and let them contributing to solving the healthcare cost crisis.

Urgent care Englewood CO facilities are meant for conditions not serious enough for emergency rooms. This may seem trivial, except that one in five emergency room visits could have been treated elsewhere, according to a Rand Corporation study. This could have saved $4.4 billion in healthcare costs.

Policymakers see the savings urgent care littleton can provide, and regulate accordingly. Most states encourage people to visit urgent care Englewood CO facilities for many problems. With the exception of New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois, most states do not even require physician ownership of urgent care Englewood CO.

Urgent care littleton CO is not a panacea, though. While urgent care can treat immediate problems, a primary care physician should work with patients for longer term care. That said, urgent care Englewood CO can instruct clients how to address problems with a primary care physician, and create a time and money saving synergy.

Urgent care Englewood CO facilities save everyone time and money. By treating non critical injuries and sicknesses, urgent care Highlands Ranch can relieve emergency room overcrowding, and save time and money. Ultimately, this creates savings and synergies at multiple points on the supply chain.

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