Urgent Care Burien Washington

Kent urgent care

There are more than one hundred million ER visits each year, and a large number of these can be avoided by a visit to a walk in clinic Seattle or its neighboring towns can provide, including urgent care Burien. Across the nation, urgent care centers, like the Kent urgent care or Everett walk in clinic, employ almost 130,000 people. This industry has grown because of the caseload of primary care physicians has increased to a point where scheduling is difficult, waiting times continue to be extended, and time spent with the doctor is significantly diminished. Everett urgent care and Kirkland urgent care, as well as urgent care Burien and other Washington urgent care centers, offer services such as flu shots, sprains, fractures, food poisoning, concussions, and other injuries that require immediate care. They also offer on site lab services, annual physical appointments, and vaccinations as well. Currently, urgent care burien and similar locations across the United States receive about three million patients each week, and this number may increase if people begin to see the merit of these emerging medical institutions.

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