Your Dog Deserves the Best Doggy Day Care

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Doggy day care may be the perfect solution for families who need to leave their furry companion at home for the day. You have to go to work, but you do not want to leave your dog at home alone all of the time. And you want the very best doggy day care for your animal companion. You want to ensure that he is taken care of and actually enjoys the experience. Yes, it is true that dogs can laugh. Many people cannot really tell the difference of a dog laugh and a dog pant, but experts think that dogs actually do laugh.

Because research says that it is possible that dogs can smell fear, anxiety, and even sadness, you want them to be comfortable in their doggy day care Salem Oregon. If you feel comfortable with the facility, your dog will feel more comfortable as well. As we stated dogs can smell those emotions. But how? Dogs can detect some if not all, odors at concentrations of parts per trillion, meaning their noses are very sensitive and can pick up the changes in hormones that cause those emotions. Additionally, canines at doggy day care can smell urine from another dog and determine if that dog is male or female, young or old, sick or happy, and even if it is happy or angry.

The doggy day care you choose needs to be able to provide plenty of attention to your dog, including regular exercise. Some dogs need more exercise than others. The average dog can run about 19 miles per hour, and in most case this type of exercise make them much happier. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world and run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. While most dog boarding Salem Oregon facilities may not have full tracks for racing, it is important that your dog at doggy day care gets exercise and is not cooped up in a cage all day long.

Good doggy day care facilities will make sure your dog is also socialized with the other doggy visitors. There should be plenty of supervised playtime. Dogs are social pack animals and they do enjoy being in groups.

Make sure your doggy day care is clean and sanitary. This will eliminate the possibility of your pooch picking up an illness from doggie day care salem oregon. You want your pup to come home happy and healthy from his doggy day care, so take some time to find the best facility.
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