Learning Offensive and Defense Nuances via Sports Radio

Football streaming websites

A little known secret, listening to sports talk radio online is not just for the play by play and the scores. You can find all kinds of tips about the game when you listen to sport talk radio online, whether you are an amateur coach, a player, or are trying to put together the best fantasy football websites, but the best part might be the food talk.

One of the lesser advertised highlights of any good station is their inclusion of food talk shows into the game experience section of the show. Even if you are watching the game at home on the big screen or going to the game at the stadium, you have to improve the experience with the best game day meals and snacks. Do not forget to make time away from your other interests to listen to the tailgate food talk shows.

Aside from the game day food specials, you should begin to listen for the various commentaries that get into specifics of different coverages. Coverage and offense routes in football are the finer points that make the game stellar every time it is played. The offense has a required minimum of 7 players that have to be at the scrimmage line, but the offense will occasionally show different looks to throw off the defense.

On the defense, where you can really affect the fantasy numbers of your favorite back or receiver, there is not a required number of players that have to be on the defensive line. Their focus is to insure that everyone is on the right side of the scrimmage line, but they are free to line up as needed. Behind the defensive line, they can shift safeties and cornerbacks to a zone defense at the snap to offset offense plays.

The coach is critical, but the quaterback is the last line of defense when it comes to calling and altering the play. It basically makes the modern quarterback a field general since it is such an important position that has to constantly read the various defensive formations and determine if they need to change the play.

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