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There are so many different new, bizarre and dangerous health problems that seem to crop up everyday. Why, just recently researchers at Connecticut College found that Oreos, “America’s favorite cookie” are just as addictive as cocaine or morphine! Between cancer scares, annual pandemic threats and the growing list of mental conditions, there’s enough to worry about without fearing you’re an Oreo addict.

On top of fearing for our health, most Americans have enough to stress out about already. This means that mental health and stress relief tips make for good health talk topics.

Amongst the health talk topics about stress is the way that stress affects a person. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress affects everything from the mind, to the body, to behavior. Stress can cause headaches, muscle pains and tensions, a change in sex drive, fatigue and sleep problems. It affects the mind by causing anxiety, lack of focus, irritability, anger, depression and anxiety. Lastly, the effects on behavior include over or under-eating, drug or alcohol abuse, and/or social withdrawal.

Next in line for health talk topics is how to deal with stress. Everyone has their own way to blow off steam, but there are some strategies that have been proven more effective than others. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, some great ways to cope are to daydream, do one thing at a time, and share humor. The Mayo Health Clinic advises a more physical approach, suggesting Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga as ways to combat the effects of stress.

There are many health talk topics, some of which might be more pertinent than others. However, everyone can benefit from health talk topics about stress, because everyone deals with stress. Most likely, everyone probably has trouble dealing with it, too, making these health talk topics highly relevant. You can find further suggestions in mental health blogs. If you have any free daily health tips about coping with stress, feel free to add in the comments!

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