Five Perks of Buying a Townhouse

Buying new homes

Buying a townhouse is really not all that different from investing in a regular, free-standing home. You’re looking at similar payments, similar amenities and, at the end of the day, similar experiences altogether. But when you’re scoping out the new home sales in your area, remember that living in a townhouse certainly has its advantages.

Not having to worry about home repairs

When you’re living in a townhome, you pay monthly fees to the homeowner’s association on top of paying for your mortgage. These little payments can make a world of difference though, as you’ll never have to worry about mowing the lawn, repainting your exterior or clearing out mountains of snow from your parking area. In other words, buying a townhouse often means you’re completely covered.

Having all your amenities right where you need them

Plenty of townhouses come complete with washers and dryers right inside the home. But when you live in a compound with other townhomes, you’ll often also have access to a pool, a gym and even some recreational areas like tennis courts. And since you own the property, you technically own a piece of these outstanding features, too.

Saving plenty of cash in the long run

Though you’ll be paying homeowner’s association fees along with your monthly mortgage, you’ll be saving plenty on normal home repairs that would normally come out of your own pocket. Since you’ve got these aspects covered, you’d expect to have a less comfy living area, right? Wrong. Townhomes to buy tend to be slightly smaller than regular single-family homes, but they can come with all the same features — multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, finished basements, etc.

New opportunities for friendship

Buying a townhouse really means buying into the close quarters of the entire living community. That means you’ll probably get to know your neighbors really well. You might go from simply sharing a wall to sharing stories, then sharing your evenings together. After all, isn’t it nice to have that kind of solidarity?

Being a perfect living option for seniors

Though they might put up a heck of a fight, when the time comes, the seniors you love in your life will eventually have to leave their home. There’s too much to keep tidy and too many problems with the appliances, after all. One of the biggest benefits of buying a new home in a townhouse community for your parents, grandparents or whomever is how close they’ll have plenty of room to spread out but still plenty of helping hands nearby. Learn more:

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