Gain an Edge Over the Competition via Dental Web Marketing

Dental marketing

Did you know that the return-on-investment of email marketing is more than $40? For the dense-minded, that means businesses that spend $1,000 on email marketing can make a minimum of $40,000! Sure, this probably sounds great, but do you think that business make that kind of profit simply by plopping down a thousand bucks to any old web marketing firm?

The answer to that is “Of course not!” For example, think of a business of any kind. It could be a retail chain, a restaurant, or even a dentist. Okay, let’s say you have a dental practice that’s looking to expand and attractive more customers. They have the choice of hiring any old internet marketing company, or they could enlist the service of a cutting-edge dental web marketing firm.

In this day and age, 80% of Americans routinely turn to the internet when they need to look up information about goods and services. This means that having your dental practice listed in the Bell Yellow Pages is no longer enough to keep new patients walking through the door. Of course, Bell Telephone hasn’t existed in decades now, but you get the point.

You’d have to go all the way back to the late 1990s before you’d find a time when business websites weren’t mandatory for the success of businesses. In fact, even back in the fall of 2000 a wise young man was quoted as claiming that “nobody has credibility nowadays if they don’t have a website”, before resuming work on his own GeoCities surgar glider website.

Given the importance of business websites, the smartest dental practices turn to professional dentist SEO firms to help them to develop the best dental websites as possible. Face it, it just doesn’t look good when one dentist’s dental website design pales in comparison to a competitor’s website.

Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of the American population turns to search engines for information on local businesses. Thus, dentist SEO should be prioritized for dental practices that want to attract new patients. After all, a dental clinic cannot survive if it fails to replace departed clients.

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