The Important Facts You Need to Know About Boat Shipping Companies

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Eight months ago, an eight-meter long boat was capsized after a freak wave hit it off the coast of Western Australia. Its owner, Stephen Knight, received insurance for the lost boat, which was never recovered. This week, however, the boat was discovered floating upside down– 4,000 miles away, on an island off the coast of Madagascar. Despite its long journey, the boat was fairly intact.

If you need to ship your boat many miles across the ocean or land, this probably isn’t the way to do it. Many people turn to boat transport companies for this reason.

Why This is a Necessary Option

Why have someone haul a boat, when you could drive the boat to its location? Many people would prefer to avoid the long journeys that might accompany getting a boat from, for example, a home in New York to a vacation spot in Florida. Some people will also be journeying from land-locked areas, making such a journey physically impossible.

The Prices You Can Expect

The majority of boats people will ship are relatively small in size, since about 95% of registered boats in the U.S. are less than 26 feet long. The price of transporting your boat will, predictably, vary depending on boat length, distance traveled, and weight of the boat. A general rule of thumb: a 10 foot boat will cost about $2.00 a mile to ship. From California to Texas, then, the cost might be around $2,800. It’s important to make sure this cost includes shipping insurance, so that your vehicle is protected against damages.

What You Should Look for in Boat Moving Companies

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reviews can give you a good idea of how trustworthy these companies are. Assessing the reputation of a company is essential for finding responsible shippers; many people find out the hard way that disreputable companies will overcharge them despite guaranteeing an initial price, or will deliver their vehicle or boat damaged. You can check to make sure that your boat shipper has the appropriate insurance and authority for moving your boat. Make sure you understand the pickup and dropoff locations– don’t be fooled by vague assurances.

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