How Wooden Pallets and Crates Can Benefit the Environment

According to this video, wooden crating benefits the environment in various ways. Wooden pallets and crates are some of the most reusable and sustainable packaging solutions. They recently earned an environmental product declaration (EPD) award to certify their eco-friendliness.

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The award is unique for the supply chain packaging industry. Wooden pallets and crates are made from different woods to secure goods. Often, the containers are affordable and ideal for multiple trips. They can easily be repaired in case of minor damages. However, pallets and crates get worn out at some point, and users need to dispose of them.

The wood can be recycled easily instead of going to waste. Recycled wood helps produce different products and reduces environmental effects on forests. Wooden pallets and crates offer excellent affordability and versatility, paying for themselves gradually. Recycling pallets and crates allow more trees to be saved because manufacturers don’t need lots of trees to generate wooden crating. Saving trees benefit the environment and promote human health because trees can suck up carbon dioxide from the air, increasing oxygen levels. The recycling efforts of pallets and crates should continue to protect the environment, allowing the pallet industry to continue working sustainably.

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