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Can Wedding Rental Equipment Save Me Money?

Your wedding is probably one of the most special days of your life, but it can also be one of the most expensive as well. The average cost of a wedding in 2012 was $13,106. With the costs of everything on the rise, it only makes sense that you’ll want to find every way possible to save some money when planning your wedding. There are plenty of options for money savings when you are looking into wedding rentals. Let’s look at a few ways that wedding rental companies can save you money and steps you can take to make sure you are getting the best deals.

Renting vs Purchase and Return

There are basically two different methods you can use to get the wedding supplies that you’ll need for your special day. You can either rent, or you can purchase and return items. Purchasing and returning may seem more affordable at first, but there are a few problems with this method. If items are damaged, you simply will not be able to return them. This is also true if items are lost. However, when you rent items, damage and lost items should be included in the price you pay or a small damage fee. The rental company understands the risk they are taking. Renting proves to be the more affordable method in the long run for wedding rental equipment. Now, let’s look at a few steps you take to save even more money when you are renting equipment.

Choose Dual Purpose Chairs

This is one trick you can use to save money on wedding expenses. Using dual-purpose chairs for both the ceremony area and the reception area can save money. Even if you aren’t using the chairs in both locations, you can save money by renting a bulk amount of the same chairs. To really see significant savings, however, you would use the same set of chairs and have them relocated. This method works well if you choose a theme for the wedding ceremony area and the reception area that is rather seamless. If you really feel that you want the chairs for one area to be distinctly different, use chair coverings.

Go for Simple Supplies

Although you want your wedding day to feel special and unique, there is still much to be said for using simple supplies to save money. High-end supplies although they may seem to add some type of value to your event, in some cases there are really few differences other than price. For instance, supplies such as napkins and tablecloths can vary drastically in price, but at the end of the day the cheaper options serve the purpose just fine.

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