How to Be an Excellent Property Manager

In the video, the reporter, who’s a property pro, digs deep into what makes property managers truly effective. He paints a vivid picture of how a top-notch property manager becomes your guardian angel, preserving your property’s value and securing reliable tenants. Instead of getting hung up on fees, he hammers home the need to check a manager’s skills, systems, and knack for property upkeep.

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He hits the nail on the head about owners zeroing in on fees rather than a manager’s actual abilities. He advocates for a thorough vetting process, making sure the manager is a perfect fit for your property. Drawing from his own experience with a lagging manager causing vacancy headaches, he tells how switching gears to a more competent manager brought quick tenants and the right rental returns.

He doubles down on the need to pick managers based on more than just cost—focusing on their ability to swiftly fill vacancies, run things smoothly, and overall, their property-savvy skills. He warns that a lackluster manager could lead to hefty long-term expenses and advises a thorough selection process to lock in the best manager who can truly champion a property’s success. He urges property owners to be vigilant, as choosing the wrong manager could turn into a costly affair in the long run.


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