Ensuring an Up-to-Date BES Policy

Bes security policy

You have had your BlackBerry for a while, yet you are unsure whether the BES policy on it is expired or out of date. Ensure that all functions utilized through the BES policy are in fact in play so nothing undesirable or unused sits on your mobile device, taking up precious space. When you do, you will possess a better-functioning BlackBerry, which of course is important since you probably use it for work.

You can determine whether your BES policy is up to date by speaking with a representative where you purchased the BlackBerry. However, it would be even more useful to make a connection with a company that actually creates BlackBerry enterprise management software. The provider can update your policies and add new ones that help your BlackBerry function much better. Plus, you can have enhanced security features placed on your device to protect against theft and damage.
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