The Importance Of A BES Security Policy Today

Blackberry mobile device management

A BES, also known as Blackberry Enterprise Server, lets Blackberry users receive corporate email and personal email simultaneously. This type of Blackberry mobile device management is crucial for all businesses, especially those that allow staff members to utilize their own personal devices for work responsibilities. As of December 2012 there are roughly 77 million BlackBerrys being used around the globe.

With a proper Bes policy your team members can safely utilize their device so that your company does not fall victim to any security breaches. Reports show that 70 percent of people that use smartphones often check their work email outside of normal business hours. A quality BES security policy will help a company make sure that their employees can successfully utilize devices for both personal and business reasons. To ensure that you have a good BES security policy in place, it is a good idea to get software available that can interface with your security policy so that you can have a greater amount of control over these services.

A great BES security policy is one that is offered by developers that have a large amount of experience setting up security policies for many different businesses. Try to search for an expert in a BES security policy of the variety that your business needs, which will allow them to better provide for your security needs. It is vital that you explain to them what you are expecting to get from your BES security policy so that they can make sure you have a security solution that is best for the kind of access your organization needs to its BlackBerry devices.

Mobile device management will help manage installed applications, manage and secure company data, and restricting access to sensitive data in the event a device is lost or stolen. BlackBerry devices have been hailed by many experts in technology as being able to offer great security to companies that use them. With the proper BES security policy in place you will be able to make sure that your organization keeps its BlackBerry devices safe but still gets great use out of them. Find a reliable expert in BlackBerry security tools and BES policies and it will be much less challenging for you to get the sort of BlackBerry usage that you need to be successful in all of your efforts to communicate and handle company responsibilities with BlackBerry smartphones.

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