Like Camouflage Fashion, but Want to Know More about the Trend? Look no Further!

Camo crib bedding

Camouflage print is becoming a really popular trend. In fact, it is so popular that people are starting to make camo formal, even though when it was invented it was intended for war times! In fact, camo now comes in all different colors, on just about anything you can imagine. There are things like camo bedding, camo truck accessories, camo seat covers for your vehicles, even camo wedding themes! However, from the trend to make camo formal to the fashion statement it makes, camouflage has come a long way.

Here are some interesting facts about camouflage print that you might not have known!

  • The word for camouflage actually comes from a French word, camoufler, which means to veil or blind.
  • Of the types of camouflage, the most common type is probably background matching.
  • A popular color scheme for camouflage is the brown and tan used in arid desert environments. It was first developed during Arab Israeli conflicts in 1962, but wasn’t actually commonly used until the time of the Gulf War.
  • In order to blend into the surrounding environment, hunters, animals, military vehicles, and soldiers use camo. However, camouflage can also be used to make a person or object look like something else entirely.
  • Researchers have been interested in camouflage in the zoology field for further back than even the past century

So, next time you go to pull those printed pants or that shirt out of your drawer, think about the original use of the print, and feel complex!

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