Who Benefits From Inmate Video Visitation?

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There are currently over 218,000 inmates in prison. This places a burden not only on families who want to visit their relatives in prison, but also for the security guards who must monitor each inmate who has visitation rights. Scheduling and completing an in person visitation is very time consuming and potentially dangerous, so that is why virtual visitation is becoming an option. Inmate video visitation, done through virtual servers, is a way for families and friends to video chat with their loved ones who are in prison. There are numerous benefits associated with this service, as it is a new and improved alternative to face to face visitation.

1. The process is safer for inmates. Since the video visitation stations are located in their cells or cell blocks, inmates can stay within the confines and safety of their own cells. This way, inmate confrontation is reduced. Video visitation systems also allow inmates to have more visits, since the scheduling process of in person visitation is often long and time consuming.

2. The process is safer for visitors. With virtual servers for video visitation, visitors no longer have to walk within prison walls to see their loved ones. Although visitors have the protection of guards, it does not completely guarantee 100 percent safety. In addition, some may also feel threatened by being in such a hostile environment. Since virtual servers allow visitation via computers, in person appearances are no longer necessary.

3. The process is safer for the prisons. Video visitation significantly reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the amount of contraband that enters the prison. Since friends and family are not able to deliver illegal materials to their loved one, less of it is seen in prisons. Video visitation also relieves some of the burden placed on prisons. In face to fact visits, prisons had to deal with the long and complicated process of scheduling visitors. In addition, they had to hire extra security and take other security guards off their posts to monitor visits. These burdening factors are reduced or eliminated with the use of virtual servers for visitation.

Video visitation is an improvement in how inmate visitations are done. Not only is it beneficial to the visitors, inmates, and prisons, but having the option of visitation through virtual servers also reduces case preparation for attorneys. By implementing this technology, many people have benefited from its functionality. Good references here.

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