Portals and Applications What Web Tools Do You Use?

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Web applications and portal development. Sounds like just a bunch of technological jargon, right? Well, it is. But it is also some technical jargon that you really should know about. With the help of web application development services and portal integration, your company can see a nice increase in productivity and better results all around. Who needs a web application? What is portal integration? Once you get past the confusing terminology, you will be able to understand the intricacies of web tech with the best of them.

When you hear the term App, you think about those little programs you install onto your smartphone. Same thing, just running from your internet browser. The application acts as a separate program that runs a specific process for the machine. In a web application, it does not require an entire program being installed onto the computer.

Virtually anyone can utilize a web application in one form or another, such as Business to Business interactions. This may be a form of what is know closed web application systems, or line of business applications. This type is not accessible to anyone from outside of the company.

Before you decide on whether you want to utilize a web application for your business, consider a few factors which may affect how useful they are. Knowing what kind of resources you have available, the extent of your technical skills, and the limits of your publishing abilities can help to determine the kind of application that you set up and maintain.

The other aspect, portal integration, goes hand in hand with your web apps. In fact, portals can be used in applications. They are what allows the user internal and external access to the specific corporate information that they have permission to view. This is enabled through secure authentication or a single sign-on process. Think about every time you log into your bank online. You are signing in to a web portal there.

Before you decide on a web application, figure out if it will truly help the business. Will it streamline it? Make information more easily accessible? Will communication be easier? Then get it. The same thing for your web portal. Do you or your employees need internal or external access to a database or an intranet? How often do you find that you could really use it? If it is frequent enough, setting one up could make the business run that much more smoothly.

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