Top Five Arguments for Preschool

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Though it may not always seem to be the case, preschool, whether you are looking for preschool in lake zurich il or anywhere else in the country, is incredibly important to the development of children. Here are a few important facts if you are unconvinced about the effectiveness of this kind of stimulation over other forms of child care like daycare.

1. A study of low income children in Chicago found that those who had the opportunity to attended preschool were an astounding 28 percent less likely to develop alcohol or other drug problems compared with kids who did not go to preschool. They were also far less likely or to wind up in jail or prison once they reached adulthood.

2. Kids who have the opportunity to received high quality early childhood education are more likely to own a home, have a job and earn at least 5,000 dollars more per year than a group of children without the same opportunities who were unable to receive pre kindergarten education.

3. Early childhood education is extremely important, whether it takes place in a preschool Lake Zurich or anywhere else. Children how have access to quality preschool programs have been shown to be less likely to repeat grades, need special education, or get into future trouble with the law. There are other causes for some of these factors, but the benefits of preschool can not be denied.

4. Did you know that by the age of three, your toddler will have developed around 1,000 trillion connections between the cells in her brain? This might not sound like something amazing, but keep in mind that this is around twice as many as the average adult.

5. The ears of a toddler are better are picking up high frequency sounds than the ears of adults. This is one explanation for why loud noises may be more alarming to them. It may also just be that they are still unused to the loudness of the world.

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