Share Precious Moments Caught On Video

Private video sharing

Many of us have captured precious moments on video that we want to share with friends and family. However, finding an online method of private video sharing can be difficult. If you are interested in private video sharing, there is a free online file sharing service that you can take advantage of. Sharing files via this service is easy. You can also use this service for the purposes of free online document sharing.

Using a private video sharing website is simple. All you need to do is locate your video file on your hard drive and upload it to the private video sharing site. You can upload your file in a variety of different formats including .3GP, .3G2, .ASF, AVI, .DIVX, .DV, FLV, .M4V, .MOV, .MPEG, .MPG, .MP4, .MKV, .WMV. You can even upload HD videos to a private video sharing website.

Each video can typically contain about 1 GB of information. You can password protect the video and only allow access to those whom you want to see it. However, you can also publicly share the video by linking to it on social networking sites like Facebook, or to your personal blog.

Usually, a private video sharing website provides two different types of accounts, a free account and a premium account, which costs the user a small monthly fee. When you have a free account, the number of videos you can have uploaded to the site is usually less than you are allowed with a premium account. As well, premium accounts may provide users with the capability to upload videos with more gigabytes than a free account. Sometimes users will begin using the free account version of a private video sharing website, and then subsequently switch over to a premium account later, once they have gotten used to the service.

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