Use Video Advertising to Spread the Word About Your Company

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If you run your own business, then you know how important it is to promote what it is that you do and the products and services that you offer. Working with an advertising agency may be just the thing to help you get the word out. And if the particular firm you choose also includes corporate video services in its offerings, even better.

With about 462,300 people in America who work for advertising agencies–most of them located in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago–you’re likely to find quality video companies that can help to create an innovative product that will get you results. If your company is like the 67% of businesses that admit having a need to improve their marketing campaigns, professional video production may be just the thing to give your sales a boost.

Custom video production can be readily incorporated into your existing means of online content distribution, including blogs and social media. In fact, companies that maintain blogs attract about 55% more website views. If your company uses social media, over a third of prospective customers are more likely to turn to you for their products and services. Both blogs and social media outlets can be used to share the content you create with the help of a video production house.

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