The stages of getting a denture

In this video you will learn that getting dentures is not an easy thing. There are numerous stages and appointments before you finally get them on. This video is a detailed overview of the stages of getting dentures.

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To evaluate which type of dentures are ideal for you, your oral health, and how much usable tissue is left after all of your teeth have been removed, we will perform a thorough examination on our initial visit.
Getting properly fitted dentures necessitates having your upper and lower jaws completely aligned when you bite together. After that, we’ll check to see if the length of your teeth and how they’re aligned in respect to the rest of your facial characteristics are both correct on the second visit. In order to ensure that your teeth don’t click while you speak or eat, we’ll use wax rims and a loose-fitting denture base to take measurements and make modifications.
This visit will see the replacement of the wax rim used to imitate teeth with real plastic or porcelain teeth. The base is still slack so that it can fit over your gums, which is the only difference between this try-in and your final denture.
These are the steps of getting a denture. To find out more, stay connected for informative videos.

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