What Are Your Options For Fire Suppression Systems?

When it comes to protecting your business, fire suppression systems are the best way to save your company from employee, data, and income loss. When there is a fire, the amount of water used to fight it can be reduced by 90% when you use sprinklers. There are a few different ways that you can reduce the risk of fire, and here are some types of fire suppression systems you should consider.

Inert or energy fire suppression systems are found in telecommunications and data rooms, and they can suppress a fire up to 14%. These are good for protecting technology from water as well, in the case of fire.

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You might also use cleaning agents, which can reduce the oxygen in the room by about 20%. Fire sprinkler systems are more common on construction floors, where sparks from metal cutting are common. These different options are available so you have a choice in protecting your business.

Standard sprinklers are not meant for everyone. If you handle large data centers that cannot be lost, you should consider alternative options to keep your information safe. Talk to a fire safety company near you for more information on protecting your business.


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