What Exactly is a Bail Bond Service

When you need bail, you can go to your family or friends, but chances are, no one will be able to pay your bail. You then have to go to a bail bond company to get a bail bond. This is the only way to get out of jail. Affordable Bail Bonds describes what a bail bond service is.

Think of a bail bond service as a bank, only intensified.

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They not only pay your bail, but make sure that you show up to all of your scheduled court dates. They even have the power to arrest you if they find you trying to skip bail, or not show up for your trial.

Bail bond companies pay your bail to the court. You then have to pay back the bail bond company. You will pay all of your bail, plus fees. You will wind up paying substantially more in the long run for a bail bond than for bail. Some states have laws limiting how much a bail bond company can charge.

However, getting a bail bond beats having to stay in jail all through your trial. Staying in jail for that extended period of time could cause you to lose your job and strain your relationships.

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