How Are Hoses Made?

Everyone knows what a hose is, but very few people know what it takes to make a hose. This video from a hose manufacturer shows you exactly how a hose is made. You may be surprised to learn how many steps it takes for a hose manufacturer to craft a simple hose.

Video Source

Hoses are used in so many applications, from home gardening to giant high-pressure hoses used by fire departments to extinguish fires. There are many different types of hoses but they all use the same type of process to create the hose.

This step-by-step video is fun to watch and highly informative. When you are done watching this video you will know exactly how a hose is made, what equipment is used, and how the process occurs on the factory floor.

If you always wondered how a hose is made, this is a must-watch video. Watch the video now and be amazed by what it takes to create a piece of equipment that is often taken for granted.

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