4 Options to Consider When Ordering Custom Shutters

When buying something that will be a fixture in your home for a while, it’s best to consider as many aspects of the purchase as you can. You don’t want to realize too late that you’ve made a miscalculation in your judgments. Custom shutters are certainly no different. You should keep these four options in mind when ordering your custom shutters.

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You’ll need to make a decision about your framing and divider rails; do you want a full shutter, a cafe shutter, or a double-hung shutter? In the video, you can see an example of a full shutter. Mounting is also something to consider. Does your window have a casement? If it does, you’ll have to design custom shutters that don’t interfere. Otherwise, your windows could lose their functionality. Always make sure your additions truly add to your home, instead of taking away from it.

Finally, consider the size of the louvers and their tilt. This will likely match whatever type of room the windows are in. A larger or smaller room will benefit from different sizes and tilts. As with all furnishings, it’s best to make sure everything balances well when all assembled; don’t go with a shutter that’s too overbearing.

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