What Does A Radiology Nurse Do?

What do radiology nurses do?

There’s an old joke that the nurse’s job is to stop the doctor from accidentally killing you. Interventional radiology nurses do that and so much more.

The radiology nurse is responsible for many of the technical aspects of radiology, including preparing you for all procedures and monitoring your recovery from them. If you have a port implanted, or a procedure is done, there is always going to be a nurse in the room with you.

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Nurses collaborate with a large team. In a major hospital, there may be 15-30 nurses, plus the associated technicians who make the doctor’s orders into functional reality in the radiology department.

The camaraderie in these high-pressure departments is intense. Members’ birthdays are celebrated, and other parties like Halloween and Cinco de Mayo are celebrated to make sure the team knows and understands each other. These parties can act as a professional safety valve.

Everyone in a radiology department has to be flexible. Situations can change quickly and when they do, the team has to flex to handle the new situation, which might be life-threatening for a patient. Knowing your job is key to being a radiology nurse in a hospital IR department.


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